Smooth Rock Look

Many of the world’s most talented barbers have been behind the trends to keep on creating cool new haircut styles for medium to longer hair types. There is constant pursuit of trying out new hairstyling techniques. Medium length to long hair style cuts are now combining classic traditional styles with a modern edge.

Smooth Rock pomade was designed to combine the traditional performance of a brill cream or gel to sleek and hold but took on the need to abandon older style ingredients and fragrances and remain more natural and fresh. Coconut and Vitamin E feature in the Smooth Rock. Unlike other pomades on the market Smooth Rock is Australian Made and water soluble and has a vital extra hold factor.

The strength and gloss of Smooth Rock leaves a fresh, clean and modern effect.

Model’s cut and style:

This pomp (a.k.a pompadour) is basically slicked back hair with extra volume. The hair needs some length on top and also looks best with short sides. The sides are faded and the part is not a  stand out disconnect look it’s sleek and hidden under the pomp.