Hard Matte Rock Look

If you want a completely tame hair style but shy away for the shiny look then you will love and swear by Hard Matte Rock.

Noticing that natural, matte finish was a popular demand our lab technicians designed this to ensure easy application, refreshing and non obtrusive fragrance searched widely from natural ingredients such as lemon peel wax and grapefruit oils without compromising its extra long lasting hold.

You can complete all looks and style with the use of Hard Matte Rock.

Model’s Cut and style:

This ‘disconnect’ because of the sharp transition between short hair and longer is a cool look that’s easy to style. Wear it up by blow drying or in to a pomp (a.k.a pompadour) or slicked straight back or messy. For something a little bit different, comb hair into a V-shape at the back.

Hard Matte Rock styling mud is as versatile as this look. A Hard Hold Matte finish will be by your side.