Matte Rock / Stardust Light Look

The volumising matte look.

If you want a natural, casual, volume but a low key finish while being styled and groomed look then you need a simple combination of Matte Rock and Stardust.

Clean fresh dry hair is your perfect starting point. To go from flat to volume with a smile you’ll need Stardust applied to the roots using your fingers or a blow dryer as your volumising tool.

Once you’ve found your height expect it to hold for the day but for extra security apply a small amount of Matte Rock to finish to perfection.

Model’s cut & style:

Letting loose a little this is a short-medium hair textured look. Blow dried forward and finished best with fingers rather than comb.

Stardust for light hair volumises and creates a matte textured look and a small amount of Matte Rock will define it in to place casually without less slick and more messy casual.