Soft Rock / Dry Shampoo Look

The on the go look.

If you are fortunate enough to have an abundance of activity keeping you ‘on the go’ you need to own Dirty Weekend Dry Shampoo.

Available in light, medium and dark colour ways, the Dry Shampoo is intended to freshen your hair in between gigs. Let’s say you washed and applied product on Monday morning, went to work sparkling, endured a day of running around and went to dinner that night… Tuesday came around and you did it all again. To get through the next gig applying Dry Shampoo at the roots of the hair and then brushing it through (using comb or fingers) will bring back to life your Monday morning’s style.

It’s a cleanser and a styling product in one!

Model’s cut & style:

Length and movement created with a blow wave and a straightener.

Pliable Soft Rock is perfectly designed for multi-styling and holding and styling medium-long hair in place or defining curls if you have them.

Dirty Weekend Dry Shampoo (available in light, medium or dark) will keep the hair clean and fresh while you’re on the go.