• Dirty Weekend - Dark Ash Brown - 150ml

Dirty Weekend - Dark Ash Brown - 150ml


Dirty weekend Dark Ash Brown will revitalise and refresh any lacklustre performance. This dry, weightless, hair enhancing tool will prolong the life of your style. The unique Dark Ash Brown formulation will enhance shine and colour ensuring a clean and natural look.


Founded in Melbourne 2000, Instant Rockstar is a lifestyle, and our philosophy extends way beyond the basic boundaries of product use. They’re renowned as one of Australia’s leading styling and grooming product brands. Live hard, retire young - living life between gigs; this product is for Rock Stars the world over.

Dirty Weekend is a dry, weightless, style enhancing tool prolonging the life of your hairstyle while absorbing natural oils or product build-up. Once known as the French shower this dry shampoo will revitalize and refresh any lacklustre performance. Use it in between washes or layer over freshly styled hair for extra volume and texture.

Say goodbye to those white marks, this formula is specially designed for anyone with dark to black hair.

How To Use: 

Directions: lift hair and spray evenly from roots to tips to ensure even coverage. Blast with a dryer to boost volume and give rugged texture or mould with fingers for natural structure. Brush out after a few minutes.


Made in Australia, Tested on Rockstar’s, Not Animals, Sulphate-free, Paraben-free, Cruelty-free, Vegan.


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