Stardust - Volumising & Texturising Powder - Dark Ash Brown - 50ML

Stardust - Volumising & Texturising Powder - Dark Ash Brown - 50ML

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Founded in Melbourne 2000, Instant Rockstar is a lifestyle, and our philosophy extends way beyond the basic boundaries of product use. They’re renowned as one of Australia’s leading styling and grooming product brands.

Stardust Dark Ash Brown is a matte powder for dark hair colours which creates body, volume and texture without weighing your hair down, providing control to any hair length; the perfect accompaniment to your existing styling regime. Designed to remove excess oil and moisture from hair.

*Vegan Friendly 

- Vegan

- Adds volume and texture

- Lightweight, matte finish for dark coloured hair

- Great for fine hair

- Powder cloud dispenser pump

- Made in Australia

Press the pump 2-3 times depending on your hair volume, work the powder between your fingers, and apply evenly to towel-dried or dry hair. Apply from front to back to ensure coverage down to the roots, continue to style as desired with your fingers and or comb.

Silica Silyate,  Oryza Stavia (Rice Starch), Hydrated Silica, Charcoal powder, Titanium Dioxide.

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